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Staying out of Trouble


Staying Out of Trouble is a seminar to enhance the everyday practices of a real estate appraiser.
The one day seminar covers real estate law and practices every appraiser should be familiar with.

The seminar was developed because of common errors noted from defending appraisers in Texas Appraiser Licensing & Appraisal Board enforcement cases and consulting with attorneys
and appraisers on civil and criminal cases by the author. 

Transferred Value Course


The seminar explains why cost is not always equal to value. Furthermore, it provides a rational explanation on why most specialty retail buildings, tenant finishes, custom homes, corporate headquarters and many other buildings are built for a cost significantly over market value of the building. 

 The gap between the value of the property and the cost is explained and categorized. The seven categories of transferred value are

  1. To a person
  2. Within a property
  3. To another property
  4. To intangibles
  5. To a community
  6. To an organization
  7. Within a system

Raise Your Appraiser IQ


This seminar is designed for residential and commercial real estate appraisers to provide better tools of analysis and communication of the analysis to comply with Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, client and industry standards. 

The seminar includes discussions on logic, careful thinking, how to distinguish facts, opinions, conclusions, and analysis. The seminar will discuss the difference between “proof” and “support” as well as the difference between “correlation” and “causation.” 

Attack & Defending an Appraisal in Litigation


The seminar provides a framework and considerations for attacking and defending an appraisal in litigation. Common mistakes made in appraising and testifying concerning an appraisal are stressed. Various standards and ethical rules that are frequently misapplied or misunderstood are highlighted and explained. In addition, common tricks and how to prepare for tricks on cross-examination are identified, as well as answering hypothetical questions at trial. A case study will be used to apply the Attacking & Defending Model.


  1. The Basic Framework
  2. The Appraiser
  3. Case Study