***Please note the following changes to this summer’s schedule. In order to provide more in depth videos in our catalog of recordings, we will be focusing on the Income Approach. The entire workshop is already recorded and archived, so you will still get access to all modules. 

Comprehensive Workshop:
Zoom live stream

2024 Summer Schedule

Monday, July 15th: Skills
Tuesday, July 16th: Income Approach Overview
Wednesday, July 17th: Direct Capitalization
Thursday, July 18th: Yield Capitalization
Friday, July 19th: Rate Relationships & Partial Interests

Class Times: 1:00-5:00pm
EACH DAY (Central Time)

Comprehensive workshop

The Comprehensive Appraisal Workshop was developed in 1988 to assist appraisers with the comprehensive examination given by The Appraisal Institute. Thousands of appraisers with the MAI designation have taken the workshop towards their designation in hundreds of locations over the last 29 years

Price to Register

All Modules


Per Module (With Videos)


Materials (No videos)


What to Expect

These online classes are synchronous, meaning they are live. Before you attend our online class, Carly will send you a link to all materials and archived videos. You will be expected to watch the videos BEFORE you attend the online class. During class, Ted will cover some lecture and theory but will mainly be working problems and answering questions that you have. These classes are recorded so if you cannot make all or part of the class, you will have the ability to watch them at a later date. Please email her if you have any questions! carly@tedwhitmer.com

Your Payment includes

Those taking the general certified state test

If you are taking the state certified test and need a review, this is the seminar for you! We always say that it will be a bit of an overkill for what you need, but it will definitely help! The success rate has been high for those that have taken this class for their state test

Past Student Info

If you have already paid and taken the Comprehensive Appraisal Workshop from Ted, you do not need to pay to take the class again. Please email Carly at carly@tedwhitmer.com to let her know which module/s you would like to take.

Refund Policy

A full refund is available before the class starts that a student is not able to attend.

*The student understands & accepts the risk of cancellation of the class in event of sickness or unforeseen event to the instructor or family. Ted Whitmer is the only instructor of The Comprehensive Appraisal Workshop. If the class is canceled for any reason, a full refund of the tuition will be given & the student can keep the materials without charge. Neither The Comprehensive Appraisal Workshop nor Ted Whitmer will be responsible for any other loss including but not limited to non-refundable airline tickets, hotel or other charges because of the cancellation.

Before Class

You should complete the required courses for the MAI designation before attempting this seminar. The offering is at an advanced level. Go to the links tab and go to the Appraisal Institute site. You should be familiar with USPAP, the Appraisal Institute Ethics, Regulation 6 and Guide Notes.

Go to the links tab and view or download the documents associated with those topics. Also, go to the downloads tab and download Skills & Tools and go over the materials including working the problems included in that set of materials. These materials were apart of The Comprehensive Appraisal Workshop when it was a five-day offering and it is anticipated the student is proficient in the problems presented in the Skills & Tools materials. Finally, review the course materials from the Appraisal Institute classes and The Appraisal of Real Estate, 12th Editions.